advanced spoken

To enable learners who read, write and understand English but lack confidence in speaking, to become fluent and confident in speaking in English with improved vocabulary, pronunciation, idiomatic expressions and other elements of English.

Speak clearly on matters regularly encountered in social roles, work, leisure, education and training.

Convey information, feelings and opinions on familiar topics, using appropriate formality.

Engage in discussion in a familiar situation making relevant points and responding to reach a shared understanding.

Deal in English with most situations likely to arise whilst traveling.

Produce a connected text on topics which are familiar or of personal interest, adapting to the intended audience.

Describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and briefly give explanations for opinions and plans.

Developed by curriculum specialists from the UK Qualification & Curriculum Development Agency. This will be adapted to meet the Sri Lankan needs and context.

Participatory and activity based with latest techniques in UK.

Lessons include:

  • Group work
  • Pair work
  • Class videos
  • Games
  • Class Audio
  • Discussions and debates
  • Presentations made by students
  • Feedback by instructors and peers

50 hours (Approximately 6 months)

All Instructors have university degrees and post graduate qualifications in teaching of English.  They have rich experience in English language teaching using international methodology

Examples of Discussion  Topics

  1. Maximizing the Human Potential for Organizational Growth; Constraints and Driving Forces
  2. People and Relationships
  3. Climate Change and Global Warming.
  4. Domestic Violence and Child Abuse
  5. Morality in organizations for accountability
  6. Eradicating Extreme Poverty and Hunger.
  7. Widening income disparities.
  8. Gender Inequality.
  9. Conflicts and Terrorism.
  10. Professional Ethics: Making Sense of Professionalism at the Individual level
  11. Refugee Crisis in the World.
  12. Health presents a challenge for all nations.
  13. Eastern or Western style of parenting.
  14. Core Principles of Democratic life
  15. Modernization: What Modern Men and Women stand for


Small group classes: In order to ensure that each child gets individual personalized attention, classes are confined to small groups.

Quality Assurance: Rainbow uses Cambridge international quality assurance benchmarks.