Public Speaking One Day workshop


Rainbow Institute of Communication, has designed a special module on Speech Craft and voice training based on modern international techniques in English Speech and Drama to equip you to be an impactful speaker.

Your voice not only conveys your message – it can say a great deal about you. Like it or not, people make judgments based on the way you communicate; in short, your professional and personal success will depend on your speaking skills.

You can improve your speaking voice through voice training.  Almost everyone has the potential for a speaking voice that’s strong, clear, rich, and effective – a voice others will find attractive and persuasive.  You’ll learn to be grounded and relaxed, even under pressure.

You’ll breathe and speak with your whole body. You’ll discover how it feels to be fully engaged and generous as a speaker and make and impact on your audience, whether you are communicating to a single individual or large audience in any social or professional setting.

  • Anyone who needs to be a successful communicator and feels that one or more aspects of their vocal delivery prevent them from fully achieving this.
  • Call center agents and individuals engaged in tele-marketing
  • Professionals who deal with various accents
  • Professionals and adults students who need to communicate effectively
  • Those who have completed the Rainbow Institute training in Public Speaking


  1. Secrets of a successful speaker
  2. Be the best version of yourself
  3. The body – as a tool for voice
  4. Maximizing your Voice –projection
  5. Maximizing your voice – resonance
  6. Channeling emotions to convey meaning
  7. Being an energetic communicator
  8. Pronunciation 1- fun with vowels
  9. Pronunciation 2- Getting your consonant sounds correct
  10. What is a phrase, why phrasing is important and rules for reading aloud
  11. Rate, Pace, Pitch, pausing and Rhythm
  12. Breathing for effective speech
  13. Getting the sounds right – Long and Short Monophthong, Diphthongs, Triphthongs
  14. Listening for self – development
  15. Final polishing of your skills

Group limited to 8 members to ensure individual attention and adequate time for practice

Activity based and fun including Relaxation exercises, vocal drills and work-outs, poetry, drama, debating, individual , pair and group presentations, videos, games.

  • Speak with greater authority and vocal presence
  • Improve your pronunciation and overcome an ‘accent barrier’
  • Improve the pattern of your delivery to avoid ambiguity
  • Enhance your vocabulary and style  in communicating English

Date*: Wednesday

Time*: 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm


*Subject to changes

Rs 35,000/- for 30 hours including course material, refreshments and certificate of participation for those who successfully complete.

The trainers for this course are speech and drama and communication specialists with British qualifications and rich experience in training

Glimpse of Feedback from past Rainbow Institute Speech Craft Students

“Fear is your enemy. You can destroy it easily at Rainbow Institute.You will get more courage for sure.”

 S.Sivasuthan (Finance Officer, GIZ Sri Lanka)

“All the teachers were extremely helpful. Just listening to them & learning new things or picking up new words, was  a great experience for me in every single  class.”

Samindi De Silva (Associate Functional Consultant, LOC Technologies)

“This is an essential learning course which we missed in our childhood. This course is very helpful to enhance one’s self confidence in public speaking.”

Malitha Gunathilake (Senior Manager, Bank of Ceylon)

“If you want to improve your pronunciation and get a serious confidence boost and have fun while you’re doing it, Rainbow Institute is the best place for you.”

Amanda Kandegoda (Student, Institute of Charted Accountants)