(Special packages will be tailored to meet specific needs of clients)

Rainbow Corporate training

How can your staff augment their self- image, dress sense and personal style to international standards? How can they develop a higher level of self- confidence in themselves and improve present and future work situations? How can they to present themselves more effectively in the corporate arena?
Rainbow Resources Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, RRL, a consultancy and training company set up by a group of highly experienced and well known professionals in Sri Lanka is setting out to address these questions and to equip professionals and those about to embark in wedded life or a professional career to learn the art of grooming and etiquette to keep abreast with modern global trends for personal and organizational success.

To augment the self- image, dress sense and personal style of professionals to international standards and therefore generate higher confidence to improve their present and future work situations

  • Presentations, interactions, discussions, demonstrations and practical exercises
  • The participants will be taught to groom themselves for success by developing a wholesome total image in order to have the winning edge and create a lasting impression.
  • Particular care will be made on each individual participant’s personal appearance, etiquette, body language and protocol.

Duration- 3- 4 hours  hours per module
Venue- to be decided by client or RRL office premises (for groups upto 20)

Number of participants- up to 25

Etiquette, Professionalism and Style(3 hours + 1 hour personal consultation)

Session  objectives

  • To understand the importance of creating a positive impression. The result of a successful projection will always be positive as the effect ripples to all areas of the business and our clients are satisfied both personally and financially.
  • To be able to stay ahead of the competition with a dynamic and up-to-date appearance. To enjoy increased confidence from looking ones’ best.
  • To enhance one’s Corporate and Social Image through dressing – how one   looks and feels will greatly determine how one succeeds in the marketplace

Session outline Etiquette, Professionalism and Style

  • Good health
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Beauty care
  • Personal grooming
  • Dress sense
  • Wardrobe planning
  • Posture
  • Exercise – keep fit

Dining Etiquette ( 3 hours + 1 hour practical )

Session  objective

  • To understand Courtesies and Social Skills. To enhance one’s image through charm, chivalry and manners. To be fully conversant with Food and Etiquette related to Fine Dining and to handle oneself with confidence, style and aim at being world class.
  • To make ones’ guests feel more comfortable and help business to be conducted in a more successful manner in any dining situation.
  • To cultivate best practices for manners and dress sense to make a positive impressio
  • Fine dining
  • Cocktail
  • Airline meals
  • Buffet
  • Entertaining at home
  • Wine appreciation
  • Dress sense for the occasion
  • Manners to impress
  • Ordering food at a restaurant
  • How to handle tricky foods


Select from any of the following

To suit your special needs

  • Individual modules , a selection of modules or full programme  can be arranged  – tailored  to suit your requirements
  • coaching or mentoring for couples
  • Special coaching for individuals
  • “Coaching corners” for small groups
  • Training workshops for organizations