Effective Speaking for Personality Development and Leadership
(Speaking and Writing for Youth)


To enable and understand the art and science of public speaking in a contextually relevant manner.
Your skills in public speaking will also be enhanced by equipping you to;
• Increase self confidence
• Become aware of personal speech habits, identify strengths and weaknesses.
• Improve general knowledge and knowledge of current affairs
• Improve posture, voice, tone, diction and other mechanics of speech
• Develop speech preparation and presentation
• Develop skills in analyzing the audience with listening and feedback skills
• Present a variety of speeches (informative, persuasive, demonstrative, special occasions etc.)
• Enhance your external appearance and image
• Clear and precise writing skills

Participatory learning methods inspired by modern communication concepts to develop your own unique style

An intensive programme of 36 hours, spread over 3 months, to give you space to fully absorb, practice and develop your skills to be a formidable public speaker.

Online classes on;

Saturday : 4.30 pm – 7.30 pm

Platform Used: Zoom or Microsoft Teams App

Rs 30,000 (Including cost of course material and Awards Ceremony )

Discounts and Installment Scheme Available.

At the end of the programme you will be equipped to shine as a leader, with a sound general knowledge and understanding of current affairs and polished skills as a powerful public speaker and writer.

Dr. Mahim Mendis, is a well known University academic specializing in Organizational Development and Communication. He was awarded the Sri Lanka Presidential Scholarship in 1989 leading to an MA in Organizational Analysis and Behaviour, at the University of Lancaster, UK, the British Chevening Scholarship to the University of Leicester, UK where he obtained his M.Phil in Media and Communication in 1996. Having completed his Ph.D on a Doctoral Scholarship granted by the Government of Singapore in 2003, he received further post doctoral training in USA in 2004 and 2012.

Dr. Mendis has been the Spokesman of the Federation of University Teachers Associations (FUTA) from 2010-2013, fighting for professional rights of university teachers in fifteen national universities. His speeches were granted wide exposure by the media during the past three years, helping him to carve out a reputation as a courageous speaker in Sinhala and in English.

Dr. Mendis is a reputed trainer for public, private and non-governmental organizations. A large number of corporate leaders and executives have benefitted from his training over the years in the broad areas of Organizational Communication, Leadership, professionalism and ethics, Corporate Good Governance and Democratic Political Education. He is personally committed to empowering Sri Lankans with skills in analytical thinking and courageous communication.