career development

After A/L Students/Undergraduates/Fresh Employees

18 – 25 Years

6 hours ( 9.30 am to 3.30 pm)

  • What is career guidance and career development?
  • Importance of career guidance and career development
  • Exercises on self-knowledge, with an emphasis on personality, values, interests and abilities
  • Guidance on Job Applications (CV Writing, Finding employment, cover letters etc)
  • Occupational awareness and study option awareness
  • To educate candidates about personal career development
  • How to make good career choices based on personal strengths, values, interests and abilities
  • Introduction to the “World of Study” and “World of Work”
  1. Portray personal vision and mission
    • Importance of a personal vision and a mission
    • How to make a personal vision Statement
    • How to make a personal vision board/Chart
  2. Understand and filling your skill gap to achieve your dream job
  • What is a Skill Gap? Why is it important to identify Skill Gaps? How to minimise your skill gap? Understanding your Employability Skills?
  • Higher Education Opportunities/How to find the correct ed. qualification with your affordability/How higher education affects your future profession
  • How to make a good decision without regretting in future
  • Finding/Applying for Jobs
  • CV Writing (outline only)
  • Facing interviews & techniques
  • 1st Day of your dream job
  • Final Tips
  1. Different career options available in local/global job markets
    • Identifying careers that matches for your strongest personality type
    • What are the Career Options available in locally/globally/avenues to find jobs
  2. Your Leadership and Employability Skills
    • Concept of employability; its relevance and value to both employing organisations and individuals
    • Identifying the skill set
    • CV writing & Cover letters
    • Using Social Media usefully Ex: Linked In, Facebook
    • Filling the Skill Gap
  3. Why you must Improve your English Language Skill
    • Advanced English Speaking
    • Grammar Practice/Business English/ Voice & Accent
    • Finer Points of Conversation
    • Speaking with Confidence /Body Language
  4. Time Management
    • What Is Time Management?
    • Benefits of Time Management
    • Time Management Tips
    • How to Priorities work/Tasks?
  5. Magic Laws of Success
    • What is Success
    • Characteristics of success/How to measure success
    • Real Life Examples of Successful People both Spiritual and entrepreneurial