Basic Sinhala Language and

Insights to Sri Lankan Culture

Sinhala for expatriates

Are you an expatriate who would like to understand and communicate in basic Sinhala?  Do you like to understand Sri Lankan social and cultural behavior?

Then, we are ready to equip you with a foundation in Sinhala and help you to fit in more effectively to Sri Lankan society.

Using modern interactive teaching methodology and a tried and tested curriculum designed by us, our training will provide you with basic Sinhala skills to communicate in Sri Lanka with Sri Lankan cultural understanding and sensitivity.

Tuesdays and Thursday, 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm

Study visits on Saturdays 9.30 am 12.30 pm   (approximately 3 hours per visit)

49 hours – 40 hours class room learning and 9 hours study visits (approximately 3 months)

For expatriates wanting to fit effectively to Sri Lanka

Class Room training at Rainbow Institute premises, 28, School Lane, Colombo 3.

Study Visits within Colombo District

US$ 250 (LKR 45,000/-) for 40 hours of class room learning and 3 study tours

Topic Language Input Description
1 My life in my country Tenses- simple present,  past මම කරා , මම කරනවා, ඉස්සර මම…පොඩි කාලයේ
2 My plans in Sri Lanka Future,   continuous tenses මම කැමති

මගේ බලාපොරොත්තුව

3 Hobbies and Interests Verbs ලියනවා, කතා කරනවා, සින්දු කියනවා
4 What I like/ dislike Yes and No questions

“Wh” questions –

ඇයි, මොනවද, කොහොමද, කොහේද, කවදාද
5 Family and relationships Pro nouns , Possessive pronouns ඔයා, අපි, එයා, මම
6 Number

Days of the week

Months of the year


Cardinal Numbers, Ordinal Numbers Ability to read the time and refer to the calendar using appropriate vocabulary
7 Directions Prepositions of time and place ඇතුලේ, එලියේ, කිට්ටුව, පිටිපස්සේ
8 Descriptions Adjectives, making appointments ලොකු, පොඩි, හැඩේ,  සුවන්ද, පෙනීම, ස්පර්ෂය, වෙලාව, තැන
9 Items around me Articles – definite and indefinite


වීදුරුව, වීදුරුවක්
10 Market place/ super market Adjectives, comparatives, superlatives උස, ගොඩක්  උස, උසම
11 Travel, traffic, transportation, accidents , road rules Adverb හෙමින්, වේගයෙන්, ඉක්මනට, හදිස්සියෙන්
12 Food and drink- cookery Expressing likes and dislikes රස, ආසා, මෙලෙක්, හයිය, පැනි රස, දැවිල්ල
13 Sri Lankan Culture


Can and Can’t, be, have, do and don’t පුළුවන්, බැහැ, අමාරු, ලේසි
14 Describing  people – role models Sentence structures – simple and compound
15 Descriptions Conjunctions හා, සහ, එතකොට, එහෙත්, තවද


In addition to the topics listed above, five topics of the curriculum will be introduced in consultation with learners, in order to cater to specific language requirements of group members. These topics too will be taught with fun activities to enhance learning experience.

Feedback From Our Students

“Fear is your enemy. You can destroy it easily at Rainbow Institute.You will get more courage for sure.”

 S.Sivasuthan (Finance Officer, GIZ Sri Lanka)

“All the teachers were extremely helpful. Just listening to them & learning new things or picking up new words, was  a great experience for me in every single  class.”

Samindi De Silva (Associate Functional Consultant, LOC Technologies)

“This is an essential learning course which we missed in our childhood. This course is very helpful to enhance one’s self confidence in public speaking.”

Malitha Gunathilake (Senior Manager, Bank of Ceylon)

“If you want to improve your pronunciation and get a serious confidence boost and have fun while you’re doing it, Rainbow Institute is the best place for you.”

Amanda Kandegoda (Student, Institute of Charted Accountants)